10 Simple Ways To Create An Information Product You Can Sell Online Or Use As An Opt In For List Building

Creating and selling information products to people online is a popular online business model many people use online to make money online.

There are many ways you can create information products for sale online, or to use in building your list. Some are simpler than others while some will cost some money but at the end of the day you will have an information product that you can sale online.

1. Write An E-Book Or A Very Long Article by Yourself

This is one of the hardest ways to create an information product. It takes time but is one of the cheapest ways to do it. My free product at make money from Nigeria was written by me but took me some time to compile. If you have enough information about your niche you can go this route.

2. Record An Audio Product

You can record your voice using an audio device like a mobile phone, a laptop, audio recorder or other devices to create an information product. The same thing you can write in an e-book can be recorded as an audio product and sold online. This saves times and has more perceived value.

3. Record A Video

You can record yourself talking or performing or teaching something to your customers. You can use the audio product to create videos like what I do in some videos on my YouTube Channel. All I did was to add pisctues made from power point. Or I can create the pictures before narrating it using the free software called windows movie maker.

4. Interview An Expert Using E-Mail Or Text Based Format

If you do not really have information about a particular niche or topic, you can interview an expert or an authority in that field via e-mail. All you do here is send an e-mail with questions of the interview to the person who will also read, answer and send it back to you by email. You can send a physical paper with the interview questions to the person if you can see the person physically. After that, you can now format the interview questions and answers into an e-book you can sell.

5. Interview An Expert Using An Audio Device

Like recording your own voice you can record your audio conversations with an expert using the same devices used in method 2. I have written a blog post on www.mkakan.com on different ways to conduct online interviews. Read it to learn more. This kind of product has more perceived value than text based products like e-books.

6. Interview An Expert Using Video Device

Like recording your own personal videos using a video recording device you can record your video conversations with an expert using the same devices used in method 3. Read different ways to conduct online interviews to learn more.

You can also add pictures to the audio recordings done with an expert and convert to into a video. Or you can demonstrate what the expert is talking about then add it to the Audio to convert it into a video. After this you can package this into a product. Video products usually have the highest perceived value.

7. Ask A Number Of Experts To Answer A Single Question

You can ask a number of experts a single question or a number of questions about a certain topic or problem using the text, audio or video format. You can package this into an information product to sell online.

I tried something like this on my blog content development guide where I asked many people about how they development blog posts.

8. From Your Own Blog Posts

I you have a blog and have written many blog posts on it, you can use the posts on the blog to create an e-book or read the posts into an audio recording device to create an audio product. Or eventually use the audio you created to make a video product.

For example I can use the blog posts posted on this blog to create e-books and product that I can sell to people. My scarce but free e-book product was made out of blog posts and guest posts I made on other blogs.

You can do the same if you have a blog with many blog posts.

9. Outsource It To Someone Else Who Does

This is the easiest way to make or create an information product be it an e-book, an audio book or a video product. Using services like www.elance.com or www.odesk.com , you can find people that will charge you a fee to create or write any kind of topic or e-book for you. Or you can pay anyone offline with the knowledge to do it for you.

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  1. Automate infoproduct business

    Wow! I particularly liked what you said in Number 7. Ask A Number Of Experts To Answer A Single Question. Will try it out. But You didn’t say anything about selling and how to receive payment for the sales made. You know in Nigeria. Its not easy to get people to make payments via their ATM cards online.


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