9 Things Bloggers Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Do

things bloggers should doThere are so many actions and steps we need to take as bloggers to grow and eventually succeed. If we are afraid to do them, we may not succeed fast enough.

Here are a few of them.

1. Ask questions

Whether you are newbie or old blogger, there is something you do not know. Even the A-list bloggers have stuff they don’t know. One of the best ways of learning or knowing is asking someone who knows. You might be able to find it by doing days or weeks of research but I rather save my time , swallow my pride and get the answers in minutes by just simply asking someone.

Don’t be afraid to ask someone. People are always willing to help especially online.

2. Introduce yourself

Are you scared of doing this? You will miss a lot of things like guest posts, friendship, help, JV, advice and others. I know it can be overwhelming to introduce yourself to Darren Rowse or Brian Clark. But if you want to get things you just have to do it first.

So forget the rejection and be bold. Just say hi. Many things can work for you by just introducing yourself.

3. Guest post

Many bloggers know they should guest post but are afraid of rejection or afraid that their posts may not be good enough.

Well, how do you know your post is not good enough if you haven’t tried posting it on other blogs?

And who cares if you get rejected…no one else will ever know except you and the other blogger.

Since no one else will know, why are you afraid? Go ahead, write that post, introduce yourself, hand it out and see what happens. If you get rejected…well fine…

sh*t happens … and it’s not the end of the world. Some other blogger will accept it so don’t relent your efforts.

4. Making Comments

This might shock you but some bloggers are afraid to comments on other blogs. They fear their comments is no good compared to other comments.

Well, trust me it can be scary to make comments when you see names like Seth Godin, Darren Rowse, Yaro, Dave Navarro and other big timers in the comments box.

But what about the other small blogs in your niche, why are you afraid to make comments there?

The fact is, blog commenting is the easiest way to start a relationship with other bloggers and you don’t have to make the best comment. If you liked something about a post, say so and don’t worry if Seth Godin wrote 300 words filled with great lessons in the comments.

5. Send E-mails

Part of what you need to do as a blogger is to send emails to other bloggers (A-list bloggers maybe).

Are you afraid to do that? Do you find it hard to find the right words to write?

Why not make a phone call instead.

That we all know is much harder to do.

But how would you request for help, request for a guest post, introduce yourself etc if you find it hard to write something and click send.

Sending an e-mail from your mail box or from the contact page of a blog can be daunting but believe me, you need to do it.

So just do it, like Nike would.

6. Request For Back Links

Back links are necessary for growth of your blog and your authority. You can either fold your arms or pray someone links to your post or you take a bold step and send back link requests to the top blogs in your niche.

Simply sending emails to 100 blogs telling them you have a post that would be useful to their readers could do the simple trick. Know this; you will get rejected by many but hell…

Sh*t happens …and a few blogs will still link to your post.  So go ahead and do it. Miracles do happen; Seth Godin might just link to your blog post.

7. Ask For Help

Like I said in point number one, ask questions. Ask other bloggers for help. I have not been blogging for too long but I know for a fact that bloggers are the most helpful people on the internet (because I have been getting help).

Helping others is part of building trust which is essential for profitable blogging.

So are you stocked somewhere? Do you like something on another blog and don’t know how to do it? Do you have questions? Just ask another blogger and quit wasting your time and money.

You will be surprised by what happens and if a blogger doesn’t respond in time, ask another one. There are millions of us out there and we want to help you.

8. Try Something New

I know there are standards and ideas that are presently working well but what if there is something that can work better. What if there is a better way?

A lot of people say “don’t reinvent the wheel”. Well, that sort of thinking may work in some places but think about it, if this kind of thinking really worked we would still be living in caves, still wearing clothes made from animal skin.

In fact the internet would have never been born or any other great invention by man.

This is my believe-there is always room for improvement and things can always get better.

So try something new, experiment, it might just be what will get your ahead.

9. Help Others

There is this believe amongst some people that helping others may results in your competition getting ahead of you or competing vigorously with you.

Well, this may be true but not always.

For bloggers, helping another bloggers is a sweet thing to do. With the power of word of mouse, helping one person (blogger) could translate to helping yourself.

So if someone has the boldness to ask for help, please give it. It proofs that people believe in you and your authority is growing.

What do you think will happen if that blogger recommends you to his twitter friends, his facebook friends or those who read his blog?

Plenty things.

So make this a rule, if someone asks for help and you can give it, please do. You will get help somewhere else in return and yes, KARMA is real.


All these actions are dependent on one thing-your confidence and esteem.

So, if you doing these things already, then you have great self confidence. For others who find them hard to do, I advice you work on your self confidence.

So how do you work on your self confidence? That I think is another post.

Please let’s discuss

  1. 1. Is there another thing bloggers are afraid to do that you believe is essential for success?
  2. 2. How can blogger effective do any of the points enumerated above?

Thanks for all your comments in advance

14 thoughts on “9 Things Bloggers Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Do

  1. Robinsh

    I was in scary positions with the most of points pointed out by you, and thanks you helped me a lot for not be scared more and move on for results either for pass or fail.

    Blogger should be stick with their reality and regular working for better appearance after a year or two.

    I am blogging (www.digmlm.com) from last 23 days and got many motivation to run it for next 5 years and hope after that I will be in position to work with it as a professional and full time blogger.

    1. Mk Akan Post author

      it can be very scary,especially for new bloggers.i personally had to overcome this fears…the truth is we most times get what we ask for.
      we all need to go out there and ask for what we want..we will get them..and all this actions require boldness…we all need to be bold…
      thank you for commenting

  2. Pingback: Vote on this article at blogengage.com

    1. Mk Akan Post author

      Ryan,you can send emails requesting for guest posts,linking,advice,commendation,…many more..they idea is to make a kind of contact..every other thing can start from there.

  3. Samuel

    At times i feel lyk slapping some bloggers bcos if you juz ask them for a lil help all they want is money they dnt wanna do it 4 free well all d same life still goes on nd i dnt care bout what they say till they fade away!

    1. Mk Akan Post author


      a few bloggers will ask for money and many will still do it for free..and there is really nothing wrong with bloggers asking for money especially if that is what brings food to their table.But still many will do a lot fro free….so don’t be discouraged.

  4. Ed

    great tips i need to start doing. me as a blogger hate rejection and do not really guest post alot. i need to start doing more of it since this is something i shouldnt be afraid of doing
    .-= Ed´s last blog ..Automated Googling =-.

    1. Mk Akan Post author

      Ed,you just need to do these things…you will be rejected but you will also be shocked with the kind of help you will get by just starting out…it is really worth it.


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