14 Things You Should Know About Making Money Online (Proven And Very Important Points To Always Remember)

I have been online for about 2 years now learning about making online from Nigeria. The journey has been good. I have met and learnt a lot from so many successful people online. I am now using the points made in this post. Everything stems from treating your blog or everything you do online as a business.

You may know some of these things already you may not know but whatever the case is, these points are valid and useful.

Here Are 20 Most Important Things I Learnt From Making Money Online

  1. It is very possible from anyway in the world

This is important to know because it will affect one’s mindset and efforts. It is possible to make money online from Nigeria or from any nation in the world.

2. It is commerce (business)

Making money online always involves some form of exchange of money. Money will not just appear in your PayPal or bank account. Someone has to pay for something for money to be exchanged.Making money online involves having a business online.

3.You have to sell something

This is one of the most important lessons I learnt about making money online. If you are not selling something, you will not make any money. Period. Anyone making money online is selling something. (Directly or indirectly) Never forget this point. Ever.

 4.It happens when someone buys something from you.

Selling something is one thing, getting people to buy from you is another. And the latter is the most important thing. If you are selling something and no one is buying, you are as bad as one not selling at all.So , sell what people want to buy or will buy.That is why we do keyword  research .

5.You can sell your product

You can make money by selling your own products to people that are ready to buy. Your products could be any thing and in any format and I can be sold in any niche.

6.You can sell your service

Like the last point, you get paid for rendering some form of services to people. A service could be anything. It could be a web service or a service rendered by an individual online. Email marketing and web hosting are webs services that make tons of cash for the owners.

My friend Chuks has a blog set up service.

7.You can sell someone’s product

It is called affiliate marketing and could be done using blog or a mini site but the single goal is to sell someone’s product. This is something I am presently focused on. It is the easiest way to sell something online.

8.You can Sell someone’s service

Like the last point, you can promote another persons service or a company’s service and earn money from affiliate sales. It is also called affiliate marketing. Blogs and websites can be used to do this.

9.It is easier to sell to people who want to buy what you are selling.

People who already decided to buy a product or service are easier to sell than people you have to convince before they buy. These people usually search for buying keywords and are usually very specific with what they want. They are people who have come to the end of the buying cycle and have decided on what they finally want.

These are the best people to sell to.

10.Making Online Does Not Usually Happen Overnight

There is a lot to learn, a lot to do. Success does not just happen overnight in this online thing especially if you are not concentrating on the right things. (I am a witness to this).

Even overnight success takes time, so pick a business model that works and push till you start making some success.

11.Solving problems and creating valuable solutions you can sell

This is why some products and services are bought by people. It is because or solves their problem or helps them achieve whatever they want.  People buy solutions to their problems so making money online start by helping people solve their problems.

13.Marketing of whatever business you have is important

Marketing whether offline or online is very important especially if you plan to make money online or run an online business. The reason why Seth Godin blog is so popular is because he talks about Marketing.

Link building, blogging, article marketing, guest blogging etc are all parts of marketing needed to make money online.

14.Does Not Just Happen Because You Own A Blog Or Website

It is the mistake I made and the mistake many people make. I have started and abandoned a few websites and blog because I did not first know or plan what I was going to sell or how I was going to make money from it. A blog or website is not a business if there is nothing that will make you money from it.

This is by no means all that is involved are very important points to remember .These points are guiding my online journey.

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Do you have other points to add to this? Please add in the comments.


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