Make Money from Your Blog by Selling Your Shit

One of the most fundamental truth and lesson about making money online   is that:

“You Have To Sell Something To Make Money Online”.Or

“People have to pay you for something before money can be made online”

It doesn’t really matter what you sell, or the medium you use or how you deliver it, the truth still remains that you must sell something.

You could sell:

  1. Ad space on your blog or website
  2. Your products
  3. A service
  4. Other peoples products or services

They involve selling and marketing something.And these are the popular ways of making money online with your blog.But there are other ways of maximizing the earnings from your blog.You can also sell, the small stuffs (what I call your blog shit).

Let me tell you a little story.


The Story Of The Poultry Farm

I have a friend who owns a poultry farm. He makes money from the sales of eggs and fat ass chicken (broilers).But he also makes money by selling chicken shit and old layers.This means that everything produced by his poultry farm (even waste products like chicken shit) makes him money.He even makes money by selling shit (I tease him with this all the time).So what does this have to do with your blog?


Well, you can sell your shit too?

They stuff you think are small stuff   insignificant stuff on your blog can be sold too.Here are a few things you may think are insignificant that you can still sell. These things are very important but could be seen as the shits of your blog.

  1. Your branding
  2. Your logo
  3. Your slogan
  4. Your name
  5. Your favicon
  6. Your pictures
  7. Snap shots of your blog
  8. Your blog header image

Now, I am not asking you to directly sell these things away but you can sell them on merchandized goods.You can Sell them on t-shirts, cups, mugs, caps, mouse pads, and other merchandisable products.

This is what I mean by selling your shit.

Now, you may not be able to sell these things if you don’t have a fan base, a community or an audience.It may work for young blogs or bloggers.So it might fit into a middle to long term way to make money off your blog.But you can never know, just go out and try it

Where To Produce And Sell Your “Blog Shit” Online

There are many websites where you can sell these merchandise stuff online and you don’t have to do anything. All the physical products will be shipped and handled by these websites.All you have to do is just upload your images and resources onto these websites. They will handle it from there.

These websites even have tools to help you display and market your products.



Here is a sample of products I made for the funny Nigerian blog.

This website helps you turn your blog into a book you can sell. You can also produce high quality magazine quality products with your pictures and more.

They handle lots of stuffs.

That’s it.

Now go out and sell your shit.Is there any other blog stuff you can sell?Is there any other website that can help in producing and selling stuffs like this?

Please share in the comments.

Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Make Money from Your Blog by Selling Your Shit

  1. Nigeria MarketPlace

    This is good blog. It give basic information on making cool cash and websites that you can sell on them. In addition to the lists above, I will recommend to people sell their stuffs through there local or country websites. I mean the popular once.

  2. Clinton Odumah

    Hi akan,
    it is no doubt that selling your products is the basic route to income streaming. Although as a person i love affiliate marketing, this method for me works more than selling your personal items.

    Do make your day great.


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