There are many people who are working with you right now that may be killing your business but before I delve into that.  first, a little story.

Last year, I went to the branch office of one of the top telecommunication companies in my country  to make inquiries about their internet modems and other products.

I met a very pretty lady at the front desk.

I smiled; I was going to have a good time.

We got talking and she told me all about what I needed to know about the different modems they had available. She gave me details of their prices, their monthly subscription rates and also told me there was presently a bonanza and I could buy any modem for half the price.

I was surprised and excited; I never knew there was a good deal like theirs in town.

“I never knew about this wonderful deal, how come people don’t really know about it” I asked. “You guys may not be marketing your products well” I added trying to sound informed.

This statement was a mistake, a wrong move.

The beautiful lady became very annoyed and told me point blank “did you come to buy modems or came to tell us how to run our business?” I was shocked and confused, I sat there mouth agape for a few seconds.

She was ready to attack me verbally because I said something about the company.

I quickly apologized, ask a few more questions, got up and left the premises.

I was very angry and disappointed.

I later got to find out from some friends that the lady was notorious for having antagonistic tendencies towards customers.

I felt pity, not for her but for the company who did not know the hired someone to kill their business. She was probably hired for her good looks (which is very okay for someone at the front desk), but her attitude was driving away customers.

Who knows the number of customers she had pissed off who just stood up and left without patronizing the company.

Ok, let’s discuss.

Take Home Lessons

There is someone in your company. Someone who usually makes the first contact with your customer. He or she could be a salesperson, a marketer, security personnel, the person behind the counter or the person at the front desk. It could be anyone.

Here is the thing, the impression the customer will have about your company is the impression they have about any of these persons.

Or worse still, the buying decision of the customer will be influenced by the perception and treatment they receive from these first people who represent your company. They first people they come in contact with.

Simply put, the first people your customers meet can kill or make your business.

So in your business how do these people treat the customers they come in contact with?

Wait a minute, how about you? How do you treat the customers who come in contact with you?

This is what we should ALL think seriously about.


    1. Mk Akan Post author

      unfortunately ,a lot of people don’t seem to know this.i believe it is the job of the company to train their staff to always remember that the customer should alsways be treated right.

  1. Extreme John

    Being a small business owner sadly…. I deal with this on a daily basis, it starts with the proper hiring process and once that’s not done right the poor customer service always follows.

    We have a new series we are releasing in the next few days to impact negative and positive customer feedback in a big way within our company. Keep an eye out I will be posting about it shortly, I think you might enjoy the idea.
    .-= Extreme John´s last blog ..A Day in the Life of.. Episode 5 [video] =-.

  2. Udegbunam Chukwudi

    Guy just say it. You are talking about the bloody id**ts @ GLOBACOM Nigeria.

    Loads of people are complaining about the attitude of their customer care representatives and nothing is being done. In a way I can’t even blame them cos the company itself is fond of releasing quarter baked products. Just 3 days ago, they launched Glo Connect which supposedly enables you to interact on Facebook without an internet enabled phone and the damn thing doesn’t work @ all.

    The problem is lack of options in Nigeria. If competition was FIERCE as it is in Western countries, the CEOs of these organizations would be ruthless in dealing with ill mannered staffs.

    Make I dey go abeg. I’m already getting worked up over THE PREVALENCE OF BAD CUSTOMER CARE SERVICES IN NIGERIA :(.
    .-= Udegbunam Chukwudi´s last blog ..Beware Of MMO Blog Setup Services Like This One! =-.

  3. Philam

    Great post. I agree that there are people like that. They have attitude problem, they are not professional enough to deal with customers.

    Hope you welcome me posting comment(s) here.

    Thank you, Mkpouto! You’re name is hard to pronounce. 😉



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