Blog Post ideas 6- 10

blog post content ideaIdea 6: Post Your Experiments (Part 1)

Are you experimenting anything? Are you trying something new? Are you trying a new tool, product or service? You can post it on your blog. You can inform your readers that you are about to try or do something new and will be updating them on your blog.

Hint: This could be a cool post for affiliate marketing income from a product or service

Examples are:

  1. Trying a new dog food
  2. Comment mining experiment
  3. Making money online :An experiment

Is there a new product or service you would love to try out. Is there anything technique or strategy you are trying out now. Can you write about them? I bet you can.

Idea 7: Post Your Experiments (Part 2)

After writing about an experiment you embarked on what next? They results of course. Your readers deserve and will love to know the outcome of the experiment your informed them about. It doesn’t matter if it is a good or bad result. Just let your readers know.

Hint; the experiment post works best when you have a number of active readers. If you don’t, you can still do it anyway.

Examples are:

  1. Trying a new dog food-the outcome
  2. Comment mining experiment , part one
  3. Making money online :An experiment(part 2)

Write out the results of an experiment you have conducted. Or just list out the results.

Ideas 8: Post Your Plans & Resolutions (pt 1)

You can also post whatever plans and resolutions you have made about your blog, your niche, your topic or your projects. It could also be an announcement about a competition about to commence or something like that.

Examples are:

  1. My blog plans for 2010
  2. Plans ,resolutions and project for 2010
  3. Plans for the month of June
  4. 3 projects for the year 2010
  5. 7 evil plans I have for my blog

You get the idea.

Do you have projects you want to embark on. What about your plans. Can you write out 5 plans, projects or things you have planned out.

Ideas 9: Post Your Plans & Resolutions (pt 2)

When you are about to commence with your project or plans you made in the last post, you can make post about it. Tell them you have commenced with the project or plan. It could be a series of post or and e-book project or anything.


  1. The dog training series starts today
  2. Project 100 comments commences
  3. Make $100 in 3 hours –the competition begins

Write out the titles for the commencement of the plans, projects or competitions you have in idea 7.

Idea 10: Post Your Plans & Resolutions (Pt 3)

Make post about the progress of your project or plans. This post may be more than one post depending on the length of the plans and project. You can make lots of blog posts informing you reader’s about the progress of the post.

  1. Dog training series part 1- 10
  2. Project 100 comments –update 1 -5
  3. Make $1000 in 3hours –competition

There are so many live examples of some of these blog post ideas.

The blogging competition on smart bloggerz has a   few examples:

before he started guest post competition he wrote a post that informed people about it and has been  reporting the progress of the competition .

This post is part of my blog content development series. you can read other posts of this series by clicking this link  content development series.

If you have written any of these kinds of blog post  ,feel free to share a link to it in the comments.

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