9 Ways To Ask Your Audience What They Really Want

I read an interesting post by Tayo on www.Entrepreneurblogr.com where he showed that directly asking your community or readers what they want is a great way to get products ideas.

His post got me thinking about many things.

I thought about different ways people could ask their audience questions.

I also thought about how entrepreneurs with ideas but with no audience can also ask questions.

By the way, an audience refers to the readers of your blog (that is if you have a popular blog or website). Your followers on twitter (if you have a large twitter following) and your facebook fan base (if you have a large one) etc.

Here are ways people with audiences can directly ask questions.

1.  Ask The Question Using Your Medium Of Influence

If you have a popular blog, you can ask your readers or audience what they want or what their problems are directly with a blog post.You can tweet the same question if you have a large a twitter following.

If you have a popular facebook fan page or any other medium of influence you can directly ask your audience whatever question you like.So basically use your medium of influence to directly ask your audience any question.

2.  Surveys

A survey is a great medium to get information from your audience directly. Surveys usually consist of questions.Survey monkey is a third party service that can help set up a survey on your blog or web page.Other survey tools and websites are also available. www.micropoll.com is another free one.

3.  E-mail

If you have a large email list, you can easily shoot  an email to your list and ask whatever question you want.

Pat Flynn of smart passive income does this too and it helps him with blog post ideas. I figure this could also be used to get product ideas.

Now that is for those that have a medium of influence.

How To Ask Questions When You Don’t Have An Audience

What about me and you that may be new to the game and may not have a large audience yet.

How can we ask questions?

Here is how I believe we can.

Basically we can ,go to a spot online where our target audience are, and then  ask the questions Or we can , ask the question online then pay for targeted traffic and give an incentive for people to answer the question.

Here are they spots you can ask those questions

1.   Yahoo Answers

This is quite a popular spot where people ask question and help.You can go there and ask a question.

2.  Forums

Forums are targeted spots with targeted audience. You can join a forum , ask a question and get answers too.

3.  Surveys And Adverts

Surveys can also work for people with no audience but it will cost you a little because you can rent the audience from Google.Basically, you set up a survey, buy ads and incentivize the process of

Other spots online you can ask questions and get some answers are

  1. www.twitter.com
  2. Targeted groups at www.Ning.com
  3. Yahoo and Google groups

In fact, you can ask questions anywhere online where your target audience gather.

Do you ask you audience questions?

How do you do it?

Please share in the comment.

12 thoughts on “9 Ways To Ask Your Audience What They Really Want

  1. Online commerce solutions

    If we don’t have an audience then the best way to ask using Social media Like Facebook, Google + etc. create groups on these Social media and encourage your audience to join. It is the most cheaper and applicable method to get to know what our audience wants from us.

    1. Mk Akan Post author

      you are correct but like i said,you need to have an audience or something of that nature before this media will work very well.
      Thanks for commenting.

    1. Mk Akan Post author

      Yes ,one can use twitter or Facebook as long as your audience are found in those media. thanks for commenting.

  2. Tayo

    My own online business plan is to just sell products and services that can help people solve a pressing problem, like weight loss. It is s much easier, because you are assured that there is already a market for you.

  3. yaylol

    Hello MK Akan,

    just want to say I really like your book “Stupid Ideas Change the world”. You are absolutely right about it. So glad I found your publication. Now we have to suit the action to the word! Thanks.



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