Make Money from Your Blog by Selling Your Shit

One of the most fundamental truth and lesson about making money online   is that:

“You Have To Sell Something To Make Money Online”.Or

“People have to pay you for something before money can be made online”

It doesn’t really matter what you sell, or the medium you use or how you deliver it, the truth still remains that you must sell something.

You could sell:

  1. Ad space on your blog or website
  2. Your products
  3. A service
  4. Other peoples products or services

They involve selling and marketing something.And these are the popular ways of making money online with your blog.But there are other ways of maximizing the earnings from your blog.You can also sell, the small stuffs (what I call your blog shit).

Let me tell you a little story.


The Story Of The Poultry Farm

I have a friend who owns a poultry farm. He makes money from the sales of eggs and fat ass chicken (broilers).But he also makes money by selling chicken shit and old layers.This means that everything produced by his poultry farm (even waste products like chicken shit) makes him money.He even makes money by selling shit (I tease him with this all the time).So what does this have to do with your blog?


Well, you can sell your shit too?

They stuff you think are small stuff   insignificant stuff on your blog can be sold too.Here are a few things you may think are insignificant that you can still sell. These things are very important but could be seen as the shits of your blog.

  1. Your branding
  2. Your logo
  3. Your slogan
  4. Your name
  5. Your favicon
  6. Your pictures
  7. Snap shots of your blog
  8. Your blog header image

Now, I am not asking you to directly sell these things away but you can sell them on merchandized goods.You can Sell them on t-shirts, cups, mugs, caps, mouse pads, and other merchandisable products.

This is what I mean by selling your shit.

Now, you may not be able to sell these things if you don’t have a fan base, a community or an audience.It may work for young blogs or bloggers.So it might fit into a middle to long term way to make money off your blog.But you can never know, just go out and try it

Where To Produce And Sell Your “Blog Shit” Online

There are many websites where you can sell these merchandise stuff online and you don’t have to do anything. All the physical products will be shipped and handled by these websites.All you have to do is just upload your images and resources onto these websites. They will handle it from there.

These websites even have tools to help you display and market your products.



Here is a sample of products I made for the funny Nigerian blog.

This website helps you turn your blog into a book you can sell. You can also produce high quality magazine quality products with your pictures and more.

They handle lots of stuffs.

That’s it.

Now go out and sell your shit.Is there any other blog stuff you can sell?Is there any other website that can help in producing and selling stuffs like this?

Please share in the comments.

Thank you.


9 Ways To Ask Your Audience What They Really Want

I read an interesting post by Tayo on where he showed that directly asking your community or readers what they want is a great way to get products ideas.

His post got me thinking about many things.

I thought about different ways people could ask their audience questions.

I also thought about how entrepreneurs with ideas but with no audience can also ask questions.

By the way, an audience refers to the readers of your blog (that is if you have a popular blog or website). Your followers on twitter (if you have a large twitter following) and your facebook fan base (if you have a large one) etc.

Here are ways people with audiences can directly ask questions.

1.  Ask The Question Using Your Medium Of Influence

If you have a popular blog, you can ask your readers or audience what they want or what their problems are directly with a blog post.You can tweet the same question if you have a large a twitter following.

If you have a popular facebook fan page or any other medium of influence you can directly ask your audience whatever question you like.So basically use your medium of influence to directly ask your audience any question.

2.  Surveys

A survey is a great medium to get information from your audience directly. Surveys usually consist of questions.Survey monkey is a third party service that can help set up a survey on your blog or web page.Other survey tools and websites are also available. is another free one.

3.  E-mail

If you have a large email list, you can easily shoot  an email to your list and ask whatever question you want.

Pat Flynn of smart passive income does this too and it helps him with blog post ideas. I figure this could also be used to get product ideas.

Now that is for those that have a medium of influence.

How To Ask Questions When You Don’t Have An Audience

What about me and you that may be new to the game and may not have a large audience yet.

How can we ask questions?

Here is how I believe we can.

Basically we can ,go to a spot online where our target audience are, and then  ask the questions Or we can , ask the question online then pay for targeted traffic and give an incentive for people to answer the question.

Here are they spots you can ask those questions

1.   Yahoo Answers

This is quite a popular spot where people ask question and help.You can go there and ask a question.

2.  Forums

Forums are targeted spots with targeted audience. You can join a forum , ask a question and get answers too.

3.  Surveys And Adverts

Surveys can also work for people with no audience but it will cost you a little because you can rent the audience from Google.Basically, you set up a survey, buy ads and incentivize the process of

Other spots online you can ask questions and get some answers are

  2. Targeted groups at
  3. Yahoo and Google groups

In fact, you can ask questions anywhere online where your target audience gather.

Do you ask you audience questions?

How do you do it?

Please share in the comment.

Blogging; The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Blogging like many other things has the good, the bad and ugly side.

Let’s go straight to it.

The Good Side Of Blogging

1. It Can Improve You

There are many things you can gain from blogging apart from making money. It can improve your skills and knowledge about a lot of stuff about the internet.

2. Make Friends

Blogging can help you build relationships and friendship with other bloggers on the internet and other people from different countries.

For example, 4 months ago I knew nothing about but now, Chuks and I speak on phone and have become friends.

I now have friends in America and in many parts of the world.

3. Fame And Fortune

Blogging can make you very popular and also help you make cash too although it is not as easy as many people make it seem. Just throwing up a blog online will not automatically vomit $1000 bills from your computer.

4. Build Traffic /Promotion

It can help you build traffic in the promotions of a product or a service. Some businesses own a blog for this purpose. This is because Google is a sucker for fresh great content and with blogs you can easily update fresh content.

5. Build An Audience

Blogging can build you an audience, a community of people who will believe in your ideas and help spreads them.

An audience is a great asset that can make a huge difference in terms of profit, cost and sales.

Jason fried of 37signals blames his audience for their huge success.

6. Build Authority

Blogging is a great way to build authority and credibility in whatever subject you are blogging about.

Building authority and credibility is very important as long as online business is concerned.

The Bad Side Of Blogging

1. Time Consuming

Blogging is very time consuming especially if you decide to do everything on your own. That is, if you don’t outsource.

You can spend hours to research and write up a post. It takes hours to promote that post; it takes hours to comment on other blogs.

If you calculate how long you have spent on blogging related activities, you will be shocked.

2. Affect Your Health

Blogging can also affect your health because it requires being in front of the computer screen. It has it own job hazard.

3. It May Distract You

Yes, blogging might be a major source of distraction if it does not directly help your purpose online .The amount of time it takes from you is a good example of that.

The Ugly Side Of Blogging

Blogging also has an ugly side.

1. You Might Not Succeed.

One of the most terrible and ugly truth about blogging is that you might not succeed even with all your efforts.

This is because all the good things blogging gives don’t come easy.

It is sad but true.

Well, that’s it, the good, bad and ugly side of blogging.

Do you know any other good, bad or ugly side of blogging?

Thank you and don’t forget to learn about making money online in Nigeria  from my other website.

The Make Money Online Mindset: Do You Have the “What Can I Sell Mentality”?

If I asked you “do you want to make money online from Nigeria” many would say yes but if I asked “do you have  the what can I sell mentality”, many will look at me confused like I just asked them a completely stupid question.


If I asked you that question, what would you say? Would you also have that “what the hell is what can I sell mentality”.

Before I define what the “what can is sell mentality” is let reveal why it is very important.

Why You Need The “What Can I Sell Mentality” To Succeed Online.

If you are interested in making money online (like I am) then you should know that the most important lesson of making money online is, if you don’t make a sale or sell something you will go broke and stay broke.

So it is important that if your goal is to make money online, all what you do online is geared (directly or indirectly) towards making a sale or selling something because money is only made when money is exchanged for something.

I have gotten this into my thick water filled skull, you should too.

Definition Of The “What Can I Sell Mentality”

The what can I sell mentality is a mindset. It is asking in the back of your mind how you are going to make money or what you are going to sell in order to make money online. Someone with this kind of mentality will have a good or prepared answer to the question –how do you want to make money on your blog?

Side Note

If you think this mentality is a greedy one or one that will lead people to indulge in unethical marketing , scams or  hand twist  people to part with money they hardly have, then you are not very aware of an important basic concept needed to make money online.

Not knowing this single important concept will keep you broke online.

A Little Story About Having The What Can I Sell Mentality.

The other day, I was amazed by a little loud speaker electronic device. After checking it out the next thing that came to my head was “can this device be promoted online”.

Can I create a blog or website or mini site dedicated to the promotion and sale of this beautiful product?

I had this same thought when I saw a baby related product in a friend’s house. I loved the 2 products and did a brief research on both of them.

Now, Why Am Telling You This Stupid Story?

This story is not told in order to prove that I am smarter than you. You may be much smarter that me. I am only telling it to show how and why you need to be thinking about what you can sell or the need to have “the what can I sell mentality”.

Now, not everything you sell or promote will make you money online, but thinking this way will help you get on track and do the right things that will eventually help you start making money succeed online.


This article is a call for you to wake up you “what can I sell mentality”. When you see or buy a product you like or love, think about how you could promote it and maybe make some money from it online.

This is what entrepreneurs do to make money. It is not different from what makes money online. It is an attitude you can cultivate.

Best of luck.

10 Simple Ways To Create An Information Product You Can Sell Online Or Use As An Opt In For List Building

Creating and selling information products to people online is a popular online business model many people use online to make money online.

There are many ways you can create information products for sale online, or to use in building your list. Some are simpler than others while some will cost some money but at the end of the day you will have an information product that you can sale online.

1. Write An E-Book Or A Very Long Article by Yourself

This is one of the hardest ways to create an information product. It takes time but is one of the cheapest ways to do it. My free product at make money from Nigeria was written by me but took me some time to compile. If you have enough information about your niche you can go this route.

2. Record An Audio Product

You can record your voice using an audio device like a mobile phone, a laptop, audio recorder or other devices to create an information product. The same thing you can write in an e-book can be recorded as an audio product and sold online. This saves times and has more perceived value.

3. Record A Video

You can record yourself talking or performing or teaching something to your customers. You can use the audio product to create videos like what I do in some videos on my YouTube Channel. All I did was to add pisctues made from power point. Or I can create the pictures before narrating it using the free software called windows movie maker.

4. Interview An Expert Using E-Mail Or Text Based Format

If you do not really have information about a particular niche or topic, you can interview an expert or an authority in that field via e-mail. All you do here is send an e-mail with questions of the interview to the person who will also read, answer and send it back to you by email. You can send a physical paper with the interview questions to the person if you can see the person physically. After that, you can now format the interview questions and answers into an e-book you can sell.

5. Interview An Expert Using An Audio Device

Like recording your own voice you can record your audio conversations with an expert using the same devices used in method 2. I have written a blog post on on different ways to conduct online interviews. Read it to learn more. This kind of product has more perceived value than text based products like e-books.

6. Interview An Expert Using Video Device

Like recording your own personal videos using a video recording device you can record your video conversations with an expert using the same devices used in method 3. Read different ways to conduct online interviews to learn more.

You can also add pictures to the audio recordings done with an expert and convert to into a video. Or you can demonstrate what the expert is talking about then add it to the Audio to convert it into a video. After this you can package this into a product. Video products usually have the highest perceived value.

7. Ask A Number Of Experts To Answer A Single Question

You can ask a number of experts a single question or a number of questions about a certain topic or problem using the text, audio or video format. You can package this into an information product to sell online.

I tried something like this on my blog content development guide where I asked many people about how they development blog posts.

8. From Your Own Blog Posts

I you have a blog and have written many blog posts on it, you can use the posts on the blog to create an e-book or read the posts into an audio recording device to create an audio product. Or eventually use the audio you created to make a video product.

For example I can use the blog posts posted on this blog to create e-books and product that I can sell to people. My scarce but free e-book product was made out of blog posts and guest posts I made on other blogs.

You can do the same if you have a blog with many blog posts.

9. Outsource It To Someone Else Who Does

This is the easiest way to make or create an information product be it an e-book, an audio book or a video product. Using services like or , you can find people that will charge you a fee to create or write any kind of topic or e-book for you. Or you can pay anyone offline with the knowledge to do it for you.

Thank you.

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Simple Way To Get Blog Post Ideas: How To Get Blog Post Ideas Using Forums

Getting blog post ideas is sometimes difficult and could be a pain in the butt. I made a series of posts and created an e-book about the how to development blog post ideas.

I think I may not have mentioned this.

You can get blog post ideas by visiting a forum that is related to your niche and browsing through the post titles, problems and complains people have in your niche.

It is as simple as that.

Say you have a blog about growing pimple..(Okay I know that sounds very absurd, but I will do for this post).

Let’s also assume that you have run out of posts or blog post ideas or that you are looking for fresh ideas for your blog.

Here is what you can do.

Method 1

Go to and search for forums related to your niche. It could be as simple as searching for “niche forum”. Where you should replace the word niche with the main keywords in your niche.

Using the growing pimple example, you could search for “growing pimple forum” or something similar.

Many forums will appear in the search results.

Visit as many as you can or just limit yourself to 2 or 5 top forums in your niche (your choice).

Browse through forums, the different categories and topics posted on the forums. You will find people freely discussing their problems and headaches about your niche (for the example growing pimples)

From these titles and threads you can have a good idea of the problems people have and what people are likely searching for in your niche. These are the kinds of posts and articles you should be writing about on your blog or website.

Take note of these titles and topics. You have just found great blog post ideas.

Trust me if you do this just once, you will find blog posts ideas for maybe over a year worth blog posts.

Method 2

You can also head to , an aggregator of discussions made on thousands of forums online.

A simple search on this website will reveal lots of titles, problems and complains made by real people in your niche.

Type in the main keywords in your niche and make a search. You can also use modifiers like, problem, solution, how to, where to, when to and others side by side with the keyword. Example, still using the growing pimple example, search for “growing pimple problem”, “growing pimple solution”, “how to grow pimples”, “where to grow pimple”, etc and you will get a variety of titles and problems people have talked about related to that topic in your niche.

I hope you get the idea.

If you do this, you will get loads of ideas from the search results.

From there, you can take note of the title or click to see details of what the person is talking about.

Final Word

This strategy works in any niche because you can hardly find a niche without a forum.

You can also use this strategy to research problems for creating a product in a niche.

You can use it for SEO.

You can use it for many other things.

Thank you.

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Summary Of The 2 Most Important Lessons From The Recent Google Algorithm Change

The whole Internet was buzzing recently because of the recent Google algorithm change. Every blog I visited had something to say about it.

This made me realize that whether we like it or not, Google is the internet God. Every move the make causes fear and panic for many (and joy for some). It felt like Google is the centre of the Internet (I don’t know what facebook will say about that because changes in facebook does not cause that kind of buzz)

So I spend my whole day reading many blogs and digesting all what the recent changes meant to bloggers and website owners alike. Although the changes will only affect users in the US, in a few weeks these same changes will affect users in any part of the world.

This Is The Summary Of All That Noise

Basically blogs and content sites that do not publish useful, relevant content will loose ranking in Google search. Sites and blogs that have duplicate content and other kinds of content Google frowns on will be loose their ranking too.

After reading all these blogs and content online, I had two very useful things to take away.

  1. Whatever I publish online should be useful, relevant, original and devoid of duplicate content.
  2. I have to start taking list building seriously

Of these 2 lessons the one that I personally have to really take seriously is list building.

Here Is Why You Should Take List Building Seriously

The post by Ian on KarmicConsulting really opened my eyes to it all.

If you have been building a list, Google the God, and their changes will not affect you so much. Because when you own a list, you virtually own your traffic.

Organic traffic from search engines is a great thing to have but if changes by Google affect your ranking and you lose traffic, lose leads and sales and have no list. You are finished.

So the important lessons are

  1. Write content that does not get flagged by Google
  2. Build a list

Guys, I will start taking list building very seriously in any niche I am in. and I am going to use paid means too to get this done.

Resources That Will Help You Build A List Fast

There are many list building services online. If you want to use an email marketing services that starts charging you from the first subscriber you have, you can use Aweber or GetResponse but if you want to use an email marketing services that only starts charging when you can start making money from your list of subscribers then I recommend you try MailChimp. It is what I use and I am happy with their service.

Click Here To Start Using MailChimp

Michael Dunlop’s pop up domination is another tool I will definitely buy. I have seen graphic demonstration of what it can do to list building.

Click Here To Checkout Pop Up Domination

Let’s start building that list NOW.

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The Need To Have Real Relationship And Friends Online –Lessons From Choosing A Bad Web Hosting Company

On NairaCow, my blog dedicated to discussing ways and lessons for making money online from Nigeria for Nigerians, I made a post about how choosing a bad web hosting service got my blog (this blog) offline for days.

My blog is now up because of the efforts of a friend, Chuks from who singlehandedly worked on making sure my blog came back up.

Chuks, thanks a million. (I will buy you 3 crates of beer when I finally meet you in person, that is if you drink alcohol)

I learnt some important lessons from the whole episode and will share them with you in this post.

Lessons From Getting My Blog Offline And Back Online

1. Build Real Relationships and friendship With People online

Now this may at first seem unrelated to this post but trust me, it is.

When my blog was offline, I reported the case to my new web hosting company who replied to my disappointment that “we don’t handle technical support for third party software”.

For days, I was fuming like a mother hen who just lost 3 chicks to the hawks in one day.

When I finally calmed down, I spent a few days searching the web for articles that could help me solve the problem. I found some but most were too technical for me. (I am not a techie).

After a few days without success I called Chuks and asked if he could help me. He offered to single handedly help me get my blog up.

If you want someone who knows what he is doing to set up a blog for you, I will definitely –without a doubt recommend you check out Chuks blog setup service at .

If I did not have a real relationship and friendship with Chuks, this would have never happened.

Lesson 1:

Build real relationship with people online. Mail them, call them, and befriend them. You never know what will happen and whose help you will need.

2. Always Have A Back Up For What Ever You Do Online

If I did not have a back up for the database of my blog, no amount of magic would have brought it back. I would have had to start all over again  to write my posts.

If you own a blog or website, my advice is that you get a back up fast. I use a WordPress plug-in called wp db backup.look for it ,install on your   blog then create a special email on Google where you can automatically back up your blog daily ,weekly or monthly as you please.

If you don’t use WordPress create a back up using the hosting service you use.

Lesson 2:

Whatever you do online, Get a back up for your blog or website (do it now)

3. Choose The Right Web Hosting Service

This whole problem started because I choose a web host that was not in line with my long term plan. I now use and recommend FatCow web hosting.

I don’t know what web host you are using but if it is limited in anyway, you may one day want to switch and may have a bad experience like I did.

I pray it doesn’t but save yourself the trouble and pick the right web hosting service from the beginning.


Pick a good web hosting company. Try Fatcow Hosting

Thank you.

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5 Challenges Faced by Online Entrepreneurs

This is a guest post by  Britney Baker.If you want your guest published on this blog , visit my contact page and send me an email or send me a tweet @mkakan.

Online entrepreneurs will face many hurdles in their business careers. Here is a list of five of the most challenging.

Developing a Clear Focus

This is actually one of the biggest challenges that an online entrepreneur may face. You may have developed many great ideas that you want to integrate into your online business. You may also be constantly moving from project to project with each project being wildly different than the last. While this may fulfill your need for creativity, it is probably not a very solid long term strategy. Instead, try to make the focus of your online business clear and exact.

Finding and Retaining Talent

One of the most difficult challenges any business faces is finding qualified talent. Not only is this talent needed for the business to be successful from the onset, it is also integral to continued success and future growth. You have to find individuals with the right skills for the positions you need in your online business. Hiring the wrong people can be a great waste of time and resources. You must also make sure that the people you do hire are satisfied enough with their positions and future prospects with your company that they do in fact stay with you for the long term. This can become even more complicated when many of your employees telecommute as is the case with many online businesses.

The Economy

One of the greatest challenges faced by online entrepreneurs today is the general climate of the economy. Even when a recession has technically ended, economic growth may be extremely sluggish. Unemployment is always a lagging indicator. When there is high unemployment, consumers are reluctant to visit websites to splurge on goods and services. In bad economic times, financial institutions are also reluctant to give entrepreneurs the credit they need to start or expand their businesses. The economic climate should certainly factor in heavily into any online entrepreneur’s plans.


In very competitive business environments, one of the easiest ways to develop an edge over competitors is through the use of technology. In the online business world, this is even more important. Unfortunately, a lot of first-time online entrepreneurs are not familiar with all the new technological innovations in their industries. You will certainly need to implement more technology and computer software than simply purchasing hosting space for your website. Many also don’t have the skill-set needed to implement such technology effectively. New technology can also be extremely expensive. Online entrepreneurs must then be careful to only purchase technology and software that can benefit their businesses in ways that exceed the costs associated with acquiring and implementing it.

Government Regulations

One thing that many would-be online entrepreneurs forget is that your business will have to comply with numerous local, state, and federal regulations. Figuring out how to comply with all these regulations can be quite a task. It becomes even more complicated since most online businesses have clients in many different states and countries. On the plus side, subsidies and government grants may be available to you. However, you must first learn how to successfully acquire such government assistance for your online business. That can also be quite tricky.

When she’s not getting excited about new gadgets, Britney Baker writes about prepaid cell phones for Her latest article took a look at the GoPhone from AT&T.

14 Things You Should Know About Making Money Online (Proven And Very Important Points To Always Remember)

I have been online for about 2 years now learning about making online from Nigeria. The journey has been good. I have met and learnt a lot from so many successful people online. I am now using the points made in this post. Everything stems from treating your blog or everything you do online as a business.

You may know some of these things already you may not know but whatever the case is, these points are valid and useful.

Here Are 20 Most Important Things I Learnt From Making Money Online

  1. It is very possible from anyway in the world

This is important to know because it will affect one’s mindset and efforts. It is possible to make money online from Nigeria or from any nation in the world.

2. It is commerce (business)

Making money online always involves some form of exchange of money. Money will not just appear in your PayPal or bank account. Someone has to pay for something for money to be exchanged.Making money online involves having a business online.

3.You have to sell something

This is one of the most important lessons I learnt about making money online. If you are not selling something, you will not make any money. Period. Anyone making money online is selling something. (Directly or indirectly) Never forget this point. Ever.

 4.It happens when someone buys something from you.

Selling something is one thing, getting people to buy from you is another. And the latter is the most important thing. If you are selling something and no one is buying, you are as bad as one not selling at all.So , sell what people want to buy or will buy.That is why we do keyword  research .

5.You can sell your product

You can make money by selling your own products to people that are ready to buy. Your products could be any thing and in any format and I can be sold in any niche.

6.You can sell your service

Like the last point, you get paid for rendering some form of services to people. A service could be anything. It could be a web service or a service rendered by an individual online. Email marketing and web hosting are webs services that make tons of cash for the owners.

My friend Chuks has a blog set up service.

7.You can sell someone’s product

It is called affiliate marketing and could be done using blog or a mini site but the single goal is to sell someone’s product. This is something I am presently focused on. It is the easiest way to sell something online.

8.You can Sell someone’s service

Like the last point, you can promote another persons service or a company’s service and earn money from affiliate sales. It is also called affiliate marketing. Blogs and websites can be used to do this.

9.It is easier to sell to people who want to buy what you are selling.

People who already decided to buy a product or service are easier to sell than people you have to convince before they buy. These people usually search for buying keywords and are usually very specific with what they want. They are people who have come to the end of the buying cycle and have decided on what they finally want.

These are the best people to sell to.

10.Making Online Does Not Usually Happen Overnight

There is a lot to learn, a lot to do. Success does not just happen overnight in this online thing especially if you are not concentrating on the right things. (I am a witness to this).

Even overnight success takes time, so pick a business model that works and push till you start making some success.

11.Solving problems and creating valuable solutions you can sell

This is why some products and services are bought by people. It is because or solves their problem or helps them achieve whatever they want.  People buy solutions to their problems so making money online start by helping people solve their problems.

13.Marketing of whatever business you have is important

Marketing whether offline or online is very important especially if you plan to make money online or run an online business. The reason why Seth Godin blog is so popular is because he talks about Marketing.

Link building, blogging, article marketing, guest blogging etc are all parts of marketing needed to make money online.

14.Does Not Just Happen Because You Own A Blog Or Website

It is the mistake I made and the mistake many people make. I have started and abandoned a few websites and blog because I did not first know or plan what I was going to sell or how I was going to make money from it. A blog or website is not a business if there is nothing that will make you money from it.

This is by no means all that is involved are very important points to remember .These points are guiding my online journey.

If you are looking to make money online, or are even to save some money, offering coupons with a major provider such as coupons by, you can get or provide great deals online.

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